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BIDA Clinical Attachment Portal

What is a clinical attachment?

A clinical attachment is a short term of unpaid placement for a qualified doctor who needs experience of the NHS.

It is advisable to do a clinical attachment shortly before taking Part-Two of the PLAB test or after you have passed it.

This is an observer role only and the doctor doing a clinical attachment will not have direct patient contact or take on any responsibility.

During the attachment, you are not given any responsibility and are not able to make clinical decisions or give clinical advice.

Duties are generally limited to:

  • observing consultations

  • participating in patient administration

  • taking patient histories

  • physical examinations

  • observing surgery

Is it mandatory?

Although it is not a GMC requirement to undertake a clinical attachment, it has been shown to be very useful in terms of familiarising yourself with working in the NHS.


Completing a clinical attachment will also be relevant in your GMC registration application were it will ask for details of all your work experience from the last five years both medical and non-medical.

How much does it cost?

Attachments usually last between 1-2 months and vary in cost. We have listed the duration and costs at a few NHS trusts below.

Wigan (WWL) NHS Trust - £100

How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form on this webpage and attach your CV and we will forward your application to our partners who will assess your application and confirm your attachment based on availability. 



BIDA does not obtain any financial compensation through this process, this is a FREE service aimed at supporting International Medical Graduates

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