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Dr Vikram Shah, FBIDA

Dr Vikram Shah is a well-respected Consultant Physician at Wrexham Maelor Hospital in North Wales.


Apart from his clinical services he has been involved in
education, research and training. He is credited with establishing the North Wales Division of BIDA. He has led this
division and maintained the enthusiasm with his leadership qualities and excellent communication.


As a consultant, he has supported numerous overseas doctors andgiven them jobs, clinical attachments and career advice. He continues to attend majority of the educational meetings organised by the North Wales BIDA division even after retirement from his NHS services.

Prof Iqbal Singh OBE, FBIDA

Professor Singh has been a major contributor to healthcare and medical regulation in the UK. He holds the Chair of the global Centre of Excellence in Safety for Older People (CESOP) and has been a leading contributor to healthcare and medical
regulation. He is the founder commissioner of HealthCare Commission and was a council member of the GMC.  He is a member National Platinum Awards Committee and medical vice chair of Advisory Committee for Clinical Excellence Awards
(ACCEA) North West and is in the Health Honours Committee. He is also chair of the GMC BME Doctors’ Forum. He has contributed to BIDA over several years by promoting equality, diversity and human rights within the NHS.

As chair of Blackburn division of BIDA, and working with Dr Rautray as secretary, he led the revival of the Blackburn Division, creating the foundations for a strong and effective division. He continues to support the division in all its activities.

Dr Shamim Rose, FBIDA

Dr Rose has made valuable contributions in her career as an Anatomy demonstrator in the University of Liverpool, the Prison service and now as a GP.


She has been responsible (along with the healthcare team) for provision of Primary Care Services in
2 new PFI prisons in Liverpool and Manchester before becoming a GP. She has been on the Local Medical Committee elected since 2001. She is skilled in Clinical Commissioning and taken on the responsibilities of medical management as well as
the more strategic Governing Body roles.  

She speaks passionately for overseas doctors arguing their case for their social wellbeing as well as fairness in the workplace in her role as Liverpool CCG Governing body. As a Member of BIDA she has been meticulous in attending meetings and events and has been an active participant in BIDA Conferences.

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