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ACCEA Awards 2015

ACCEA have now announced that the 2015 Round is now open and will close at 1700 hours on 14 August. If you are intending to make an application you are strongly advised to check the ACCEA Nominal Roll to make sure your details are correct.  Applicants who wish to apply for BIDA support MUST submit their application to:  and to be received by 5 p.m. on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Application forms, FAQs etc. will be found on the ACCEA website  as soon as it has been updated at .  Please note that these forms are for BIDA USE ONLY but you will be able to cut and paste from these forms to the online ACCEA forms when they are available.  As previously, Bronze and Silver applicants may choose to submit one of the additional options:




Gold applicants may choose to submit up to two of the additional options and Platinum applicants may choose to submit all three.  The use of these supplementary options is not mandatory and, if you choose to use them, please make sure that the corresponding domain in the application form is left blank.

The Awards remain extremely competitive and the BIDA as a Nominating Body is only permitted to support a very limited number of applications in each category.  If you are unsuccessful in obtaining College support you should not be discouraged from making an application as those with strong Trust support have been successful in previous years.  To maximise your chances of success you must ensure that you are able to score in each of the 5 domains.

The design of the form remains that used in previous years but, when available, the 2014 has had a countdown facility introduced on boxes where there is a character limit.

With best wishes

Ahmed Sadiq

Chairman, Hospital Doctors Forum, BIDA

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