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Dr Sathiyaseelan receives his Fellowship Award 2018

Dr Sathiyaseelan was the founder member of the BIDA (ODA) of Warrington division, and established the division very successfully for about 10 years until his retirement from General Practice. He was in the posts of Secretary and chairman of the division for many years. The division hosted the AGM / ARM once in Warrington during his period

Also served as EC member in the centre in the past.

As a GP, he has have worked as member of the PCG and PCT of Warrington and served as a Warrington LMC member as a GP. Pictured (L-R) Dr Sanjay Arya, Dr Chandra Kanneganti (BIDA Chairman), Dr Ashish Dhawan (BIDA Secretary), Dr Birendra Sinha (BIDA President) Dr Sathiyaseelan and Professor Senapati.

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