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Merseyside & Cheshire New Year Function

Merseyside and Cheshire division of BIDA celebrated their New Year function on 22nd of January 2017 in Liverpool. The gala dinner and dance was attended by 70 BIDA members and their spouses. The President of the division, Dr.Biru Sinha welcomed the guests and he also updated the local members all about the activities of central BIDA. The chairman of the division, Dr.Das introduced the musical team led by Sumona from Leads. Sumona who herself is the finalist of Sare Gama Pa musical competition and her team provided a brilliant musical evening for members. The event was very successful and enjoyed by all who attended, Merseyside Division managed to encourage six new members to join BIDA.

Dr.Anurag Gupta divisional secretary gave a vote of thanks.

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